Bathroom Updates

Bathroom Updates

Updated bathrooms impress eager buyers. Moisture, water and long term usage can take a toll on walls, tiles and floors. Once underway, problems are easily spotted. If a buyer starts thinking that they might need to spend $10,000 to $15,000 to update a bathroom, the property sometimes goes to the bottom of the purchase possibility list. If proactive sellers get busy updating this room for less, they will make more money and a faster sale.

A Get More Home Care Consultant can advise you of the most economical way to update your bathroom for a fast return on investment. We can glaze the tub, change the wall tiles with water proof drywall, install a new shower fixture, a new floor maybe over the existing, change the vanity and taps, a new low flow toilet, a quiet exhaust fan, paint, and new light fixture. A transformation is possible at a reasonable price, again increasing the value of your home.

Take a serious look at your bathrooms. Try to see them as a new buyer would. Can we help you update your bathroom to entice more buyers?