Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Having your house make a positive impression from across the street is extremely important for anyone who drives by to take a look, as well as any listing photos that your realtor needs.

Get More Club will touch up any painting that needs to be done on the outside trim work. Exterior wood and painted surfaces get weathered, and may need some prep work before being painted as well. Cleaning the windows inside and outside makes an inexpensive difference when buyers look outside at your yard.

We will trim the shrubs and bushes, prune the trees and cut the grass. All the weeds from between the stones and edges of the walkway will be removed and disposed of. Uneven gates and leaning fences will be made straight. Decks and walkways will be pressure washed to remove any green mossy build-up. Buyers don’t like wet or damp basement problems. We carefully inspect existing drainage and if needed, make the appropriate intervention or cure to remedy any water issues. We’ll check the roof and brick work to see if it needs any tuck pointing.

The garage should be organized, clean and neat in case someone looks inside. A beautiful outside appearance entices buyers to come view the property with a positive impression.