Decluttering and Junk Removal

Decluttering and Junk Removal

Whether you are downsizing, having an estate sale, have a relative or friend moving into a retirement home or hospital, looking after the affairs of a deceased person, or dealing with a hoarder situation, Prep’n Sell are the experts at decluttering properties for all situations. They have a professional approach to deal with these sensitive matters.

Downsizing or disposing of family property can be very stressful and overwhelming at the same time. Every piece of furniture and treasured item comes with its own history and memory. Sometimes, the best situation is to have someone that is emotionally detached deal with the circumstance. We can advise you on how to handle these sensitive situations, and help you arrive at the best outcome. We offer not only helpful advice, but also the professional team to deal with each and every situation.

Prep’n Sell can organize what stays, what is boxed up (and stored neatly to be moved later) what is to be given away or donated, and what is to be thrown away. Before disposal, we will look to see if any of the items can be recycled or repurposed. From past experience, we have found that homeless shelters, and single parent families want these discarded contents.

Prep’n Sell is community needs aware, and strives to help disadvantaged members where we can. Your discarded goods can be very welcome in someone’s home.

We can arrange for a dumpster and separate the hazardous chemicals and items that need to be properly disposed of, as not everything in a home can be safely sent to the dump.

Our team can properly pack and box contents for local storage or long and short distance transportation. We can even arrange for a truck and delivery personnel to deliver your goods to one or several locations. You can now relax with peace of mind knowing that all will be handled professionally. What can our hands do for you?