Home Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Services

GET MORE CLUB offers home cleaning services for homes going on the market.

Home and Carpet Cleaning

Why House Cleaning is Important for Home Sellers

It is critical to prepare the home/condo before it is ready for listing/viewing/open house. Preparing a home for sale starts with cleaning the property. The cleaning process should be handled by professionals since the purpose is to impress potential buyers. An incomplete or half-hearted cleaning can be viewed negatively by potential buyers. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and know-how of deep cleaning that amateur cleaners can easily overlook. To make your home ‘show’ it’s best, it must look clean as well as smell fresh. Dirty, cluttered and unkempt homes are real turnoffs to potential buyers. If a prospect can imagine their family living in your home, it quickly goes to the top of their list and gets purchase consideration.

Our House Cleaning Process

We follow a rigorous process for every job. The job starts with assessing the situation. After we find out the jobs that need to be done, we communicate the whole scope of work to the client. That includes a detailed quote, timeline, safety measures & criteria for additional charges, etc. Get More Club cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies, and thoroughly clean the following: baseboards, door frames, and handles, switches, kitchens, appliances, counters, grout and ceramic floors, bathrooms, showers, windows, basements, furnace rooms, and even garages.

Bathrooms in most homes, need the tile grout cleaned and brightened, caulking replaced and the vent checked. Just give Get More Club the scope of what needs to be done, and our cleaners will make it look its best.

If the carpets are dirty, stained or matted, our cleaning experts can restore them to a nearly new appearance with a deep clean and deodorizing treatment. Proper and thorough vacuuming can easily extend the life and look of the carpet, as 86% of carpet dirt and debris is dry, and just below the surface.