One of the quickest and least expensive ways to increase the value and appeal of your home is to repaint the walls. Any well-lived in house shows wear and tear, and most buyers are looking to buy a home that is ‘move in’ ready.

The accidental marks, chipped corners, dinged baseboards, stained ceilings and even holes from previously hung pictures can be transformed into a ‘like new’ appearance with a professional paint job.

Get More Club offers top-quality interior or exterior painting with the popular colours of the year, as chosen by you and our design team. Whether it is one room, one ceiling or the entire house, our team will get the work done on time, and, on budget. For exterior updating, we can repair outside boards and trim, fill holes and defects, prime and paint. We can repair drywall or lath, and plaster if needed. Stipple type ceilings with water stains are hard to repair and sometimes it’s just better to scrape the stipple off and skim coat plaster the ceiling to a smooth finish.

With the right paint, workmanship and approach, we can turn your home into a model home. It Pays!